Friday, 111017


2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic
2 mins rolling out lats **close to arm pit
1 min light rolling out chest
12 Single arm Lying serratus punches
12 vertical serrates punches w/foam roller
12 single banded hip flexor pulls
12 alt supermans
15/12 cal Bike
12 scap squeezes
2 TGU **light
1 wall walks + :05 sec pause
9 KB swings **same weight as TGUs
Static lat stretch :20 sec **each
Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch :20-:30 sec **each
Thoracic/Lat stretch holding PVC shoulder with :20 sec stretch/:05 active hold x2
Couch stress :60 sec **each
A. Snatch balance work: triples and doubles
**Heavy weight is not the focus here. Speed, footwork, and position is the intent.
**7-9 mins
B. OHS: building to heavy 3 reps w/2 sec pause @bottom
(15 mins)
Hard Effort Repeats
18 HPC @135/93
15 HSPUs
18 alt pistols
15/12 cal bike
x3 ;Rest 5 mins
**Looking for hard efforts here, NOT all out sprints. Looking for BB to be unbroken(goal). Modify weight if needed. Attack everything else as needed, ending with hard effort on bike
**50-54: @115/83
12 Front squats can be subbed for pistols
15 HPC @115/83
10 HSPUs
10 Front squats
15/12 cal bike
BE Complete
1. 30ft waiter carries **each
 30ft single arm OH walk **each
x4 sets;Rest 2 mins between
2. 12 HS shrugs **belly to the wall
12 Banded face pulls
x3 sets ;Rest 2 mins between

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