Tuesday, 110717


12 banded scap squeezes
12 single straight arm banded lat pulldowns **each
12 standing double plate forward presses
450m row: 100m easy/50m hard
3 Rounds **progressions
6 hanging scap squeezes
4 strict pull-ups: RND1 close grip/RND2 neutral grip/RND3 wide grip
6 push-ups: RND 1Close grip/RND 2neutral grip/RND3 wide grip
6 plate full range side raises (hips to OH)
Doorway stretch :30 sec **each
Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation :30 sec **each
Praying stretch :30 sec
Every 3 mins:
A1. Weighted pull-ups: 5 reps **heavy **can ascending to stay across
+ (no more than a :30 sec transition)
A2. Weighted ring dips: 5 reps w/2 sec pause @botom **heavy **can ascend or stay across
x5 sets
Row Repeats
500m row ;Resting 2:15 between
x6 sets
**1 sec faster than last weeks
**Week 3 of build outs. Hard efforts from start to finish. These hard efforts should be sustainable throughout. Looking to hold one pace for all 6 rows, there should be no drastic fall offs. We will continue to build off these repeats
BE Complete 
1. Lying external weighted rotations: 3 sets x10-12 reps
Bent over DBLE DB back shrugs w/pause @top 3 sets x12-15 reps
2. GHD sit-ups: 4 sets x10-15 reps ;Rest 1 min between sets
3. 2-3 mins rolling out hip flexors & quads
4. 2-4 mins rolling out glutes & hamstrings

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 110717”

  1. Abraham Gonzalez

    Strength: A1 & A2. 25, 35, 45, 45, 45lb
    Conditioning: 142 all 6 rounds
    Be Complete: Done

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