Wednesday, 101117

CAP’s 30 Day Challenge

500m row @2:05/2:25 pace
20 alt. supermans
20 sitting Russian twist
300m row @1:55-1:58/2:17-2:20
8 banded sides ** each direction
8 banded goodmornigs
8 v-ups
100m row @1:48-1:50/2:08-2:10
5 single leg glute bridges **each
:12 sec hollow hold
BB work
5 DLs
5 bent over BB rows
5 presses
5 slam balls
:20 seconds bike hard
**add weight
Praying stretch :20 sec/:05 rest x2
Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation :30 sec
Cobra stretch :10 sec/:05 sec rest x2
Snatch pulls off blocks starting @70% building towards 100-103%
6-7 sets x3 reps
**percentage is off 1 RM snatch
**Do not make more than 5% jumps when building
**BB should be set below the knee or above the knee. Choose the one where you feel the weakest
:30 sec stations **sprints
1. HPC + Jerk @115/73-83
2. No push burpees
3. Box jumps @24/20”
4. Cal bike
x4 rounds **Resting 4 mins between rounds
Box jumps: **stepping down **modify height as needed
**Sprint stations, no transition time in between. Keep one continuous rep count from start to finish, for a total number of reps  for all four stations. Looking for sustainable rep count throughout, if not 1-2 reps better each time. learning where you can find those extra reps
BE Complete
1. 5 standing DB presses + 60ft DB OH walk
x4 sets ** each arm
2. 20 alt lateral lunges x3 sets
3. Single leg hamstring wall stretch :60 sec **each
4. Wall squat stretch :60-:90 sec

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, 101117”

  1. Day #2 felt much better than day 1.

    I am happy I was able to snatch 150 3 month after breaking my wrist. This was the first time snatching since then. I love the mobility work! Something I have not put thought to much prior. As always, the programming is awesome. Today’s conditioning was a “fun.” I didn’t keep track of every round, but I was around 30-40 reps per round.

    Stay motivated!

  2. Abraham Gonzalez

    Strength: 215lb
    Conditioning: CAP . MAP Training – 85% sustainability – start to finish
    AMRAP 10 5 +1
    100m shuttle run
    12 kb swings 70/53
    14 alt kb lunge
    Rest 4
    AMRAP 10m Blew my WOD on the first part 3 rounds completed
    12 c2b
    8 s to oh 155/108
    4 box jumps 40/32″
    Rest 4
    10 min bike :30/:30 94Cals
    Be Complete: Done

  3. First day in the gym this week got a bicep thing goin on plus work stuff so I did clean and jerks from Monday didn’t go well but grinded it out up to 195 Drop set at 180
    Then back squat cluster up to 265
    Then I did a emom 20
    Min 1 10cal ab then max du’s
    Min 2 rest
    Dubs 48,48,43,40,41,31,35,32,20,21=359
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better

  4. Strength: 105 lb

    Conditioning: CAP MAP Training

    AMRAP 10 3+17
    100m shuttle run
    12 kb Russian swings 70#
    14 70# goblet squats
    This was difficult

    Rest 4 min.

    AMRAP 10m 3+19
    12 C2B
    8 S2OH 105#
    4 box jumps 36″ (40″ a bit too high for me at this point, but I will get there)

    Rest 4

    10 min bike :30 hard/:30 easy 104 Cals
    Maintained at least 425W during hard sections except for 7th min when I fell down to 325W

    Be Complete: Done

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