Friday, 100617

Leg ext
10 alt knee raises **stand still &lift knee as high as possible (no hands)
10 alt butt kicks **lift the heel as high as possible toward the butt (no hands or forcefully kicking)
15 back extensions
10 banded face pulls
1 min bike @400w/300w
5 burpees **stepping down & up
10 alt DB snatches
7 WBs
3-5 strict pull-ups **third round switch to kipping (no butterflies)
5 BB snatch pulls in the high hang position
Cobra stretch :15 sec /:05 rest x 2 sets
Lying hip rotation hold :30 sec **each
Thoracic/Lat :30 sec stretch
Lunge w/elbow to floor :30 sec **each
Snatch Cluster: 1.1.1 @75-80% x6 sets
**rest :15 sec between snatches
**rest 2:30-3 mins between full clusters
**percentage of 1RM
Thrusters @95/63
Rest 5 mins
12 mins to build to a heavy single back squat
**appropriate jumps, not looking to PR or forcing weight here. Build to what you can with the time given only
BE Complete
1. Crossover symmetry protocol: 7-8 mins
2. 12-16 TGUs w/2 sec pause in each position
3. 2 mins rolling out chest
4.m 3-4 mins stretching hips

3 thoughts on “Friday, 100617”

  1. Snatch cluster @130
    Fran 3:25. 17 sec pr
    Rest 5 min then 12 min to heavy squat
    Be complete done

  2. Abraham Gonzalez

    Snatch: 150lb
    Fran: 3:37 (rhythm was off on pull-ups).
    Heavy squat: 305lb
    Be complete: Done. Challenge: Done

  3. Weightlifting 85#
    Snatch Cluster: 1.1.1 @75-80% x6 sets

    Fran 6:00
    Believe it or not, 1st time I have ever done Fran

    Rest 5 mins

    12 mins to build to a heavy single back squat

    BeComplete: Done except for TGU
    30nDay Challenge Done

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