Tuesday, 092617


Single leg banded hip flexor pulls: 12 reps **each
Single leg glue bridges: 8-10 reps **each
10 Back extensions
Dynamic activation
20 alt walking calve raises
30’ft light skips
20 steps on heels
30’ft running high knees
200m run
4 min row interval
:30 hard/:30 easy
KB Warm-up **light weight
10 single DLs **5/5
10 hang squat cleans **5/5
5 box jumps **stepping down
Pigeon stretch :30 sec **each
Kneeling dorsiflexion stretch :20 sec **each
Cobra stretch :10 sec stretch/:05 sec rest x3 sets
Snatch Grip DLs @1’’ build to a heavy double **straps allowed
(16-18 mins)
A1. 30’ft Running high knees
**Moving feet as fast as possible
A2. 3 Forward bounding jumps
x4 sets/ Rest 2 mins between
**Building in height on bounding jumps, but not maxing out. Looking for speed on foot work and explosiveness on bounding jumps.
AMRAP 12 MAP Training
15 WBs @20/14 **10ft for all
13 GHD-sit-ups
11/9 Cal bike
9 HPCs @135/93
55-59: 10 GHD-sit-ups
WBs to 9ft target, modify weight as needed
10 GHD-sit-ups
**MAP: Maximum Aerobic Power. Looking for sustainable pace throughout. Holding onto to one pace from start to finish, even in the final seconds. Every round should be attacked the same. That all being said, you should not be walking to stations, taking your time and keep the efforts low. Should be jogging to stations, smart sets that allows you to stay moving, controlled breathing, while still shooting for as many round as possible.
BE Complete
1. Lateral single leg step ups w/single KB: 3-4 sets x 8-12 reps
2. Single arm DB/KB OH walk :20 sec **each x3 sets
3. 2 Rounds
Couch stretch :30 sec **each
Pigeon stretch: :30 sec **each

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 092617”

  1. Strength
    Snatch grip dl 2rep
    11ab cal
    3+44 went unbroken on everything
    Be complete done

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