Monday, 090417

De-Load Week
Work load and overall volume will be monitored, but intensity will remain the same in regards towards metcons/conditioning.
2-3 mins rolling out scaps
Single straight arm banded lat pulldowns: 12 reps **
Lateral single straight arm banded lat pulldowns: 12 reps **each
**same as above but body is lateral to the rig/station
Standing calve raises: 15 reps
Standing toe raises: 15 reps
Plank scap retractions: 10 reps
750m row **@5k pace (if you were to row a 5k)
2 Rounds
20 jumping jacks
10 DB hammer curls
10 air squats
10 ring rows **body slightly angled
2 Rounds
10 single arm DB thrusters **5/5
5-7 strict pull-ups **2nd round chin-ups
Thoracic/Lat stretch :30 sec/:05 sec activation x2
**press against bench/platform
Single leg hamstring wall stretch :30 sec **each
**3 warm-up sets; BB will not count
A. Pendlay Rows: 4 sets x 5 reps w/pause @top
**building to a tough 5 for the day
**4 actual working sets
Opt. 1
6 cal bike + 1 Legless rope climb up & down
Opt 2.
Chin-ups: 3 sets x (-2) reps; rest :90 sec between
**leaving two in the tank never going to failure
Opt. 3
Hammer curls: 4 x8-10 reps **heavy
**For those you can not perform 7 or more chin-ups
Folks can join in with their affiliate’s Hero WOD. Do Not Do Both
For Time **17 min time cap
WBs @20/14
5 Rounds
25 WBs @20/14 **UB
50 DUs
5 Rounds
25 WBs @9’ft target **weighted as needed **UB is goal
50 DUs
BE Complete
1. Crossover Symmetry Protocol **7-10 mins
2. 3 mins rolling out hip flexors
3. 3 mins rolling out glutes
4. 3 mins rolling out chest

2 thoughts on “Monday, 090417”

  1. Strength
    Back rack lunge 1set@165 2@185
    Single arm front rack lateral step up
    New this would b a challenge
    Rd1 50wb. 75-25du
    Rd2 28-12wb 35-25-10du
    Rd3 30wb 40-20du
    Rd4 20wb 40du
    Rd5 10wb 20 du
    12:32 next time un broken
    Be complete done

  2. Strength: A. 135, 155, 175, 195lb
    B. Option 1. Except had to use legs rounds 3-5.
    Conditioning: 13:14
    Rd 1 50wb 50-50DU (should have broken the wb up)
    Rd 2 20-20wb 40-40DU
    Rd 3 15-15wb 30-30DU
    Rd 4 10-10wb 40DU
    Rd 5 10wb 20DU
    Be Complete: Done

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