Friday, 090117


Dynamic prep
30ft increments:
knee pulls to chest
walking calve raises
heel pulls to butt
walking on toes
inch worms
walking on heels
straight leg high kicks
AMRAP 8 **warm-up pace
200m run
10 lunges
5-7 close grip push-ups
150m row **keep stroke count below 28 strokes
:30 sec of BB squat clean thrusters **focus should be perfect reps, not amount of reps
Wrist flexor
Wrist Extensor
:15 sec stretch alternating x3
Banded OH/shoulder distraction :40 sec stretch
Single leg hamstring wall stretch :30 sec stretch **each
Lying hip rotation :30 sec hold **each
3 Squat Cleans + 1 Push jerk; every 3 mins x6 sets
**Complex will be @70% of your 1 RM C&J
**Squat cleans are not TnG; singles on the cleans. Third clean will be followed by 1 push jerk.
**Athletes can ascend in weight, but do not exceed 80%. Movement should be the focus; no misses.
For Time **16 min cap
400m run
100m Farmer carry @80/55
400m row
25 HSPUs
400m run
100m Farmer carry @80/55
400m row
25 HSPUs
FCs @50/35
15 HSPUs
BE Complete
1. Single arm Bent over DB rows w/2 sec pause @top: 3 sets x8-10 reps
2. Double bent over DB pull backs: 3 sets x8-12 reps **torso @45 degrees, chin down, squeezes scaps at end range.
3. Accumulate 3 mins on foam roller vertically

3 thoughts on “Friday, 090117”

  1. Not able to make it to box
    Did “Shawn” with 20# vest
    For Time:
    5 mile Run
    After each 5 minute run interval:
    50 Air Squats
    50 Push-Ups

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