Wednesday, 083017


15 in place calve raises
30’ft walking on toes
15 toe raises
30’ft walking on heels
Single leg banded hip flexor pulls: 15 reps **each
1 min row
2 Rounds
5 strict pull-ups
10 push-ups
:45 sec row
2 Rounds
30’ft running high knees
30’ft running butt kicks
30’ft high skips
:30 sec row
10 v-ups
10 BB push presses
10 BB goodmornigs
5-7 kipping pull-ups
:60 sec couch stretch **each
Single arm wall shoulder :15 sec hold/:05 sec release x2 **each
Ankle dorsiflexion stretch on wall: :15-:20 sec stretch **each
**toes on wall, heel on floor, drive knee towards wall.
Forward hurdle bounding x4: building in height
**Should be consistent fluent jumps throughout. All 3 bounds should be rebounding. Athletes can use boxes and PVC as hurdle
(16 mins)
Opt. 1
EMOM x10
6-10 C2B kipping
**building off prior weeks
**If just joining stick to one number from start to finish
Opt. 2
3-5 C2B kipping
6-10 kipping pull-ups
**building off prior weeks
**If just joining stick to one number from start to finish
Opt. 3
EMOM x10
6-9 strict pull-ups **band if needed
**building off prior weeks
**If just joining stick to one number from start to finish
**Final progression
30-26-22-18-14 **12 min cap
GHD sit-ups
S2OH @155/103
**WOD Layout:
RND 1: 30 GHD-S/7 S2OH
RND 2: 26 GHD-S/9 S2OH
RND 3: 22 GHD-S/11 S2OH
50-54: GHD sit-ups: 26-22-18-14-10
GHD sit-ups: 26-22-18-14-10
S2OH @135/93
**modify weights as needed; not looking for those to go unbroken, I expect later rounds to be broken up if needed. Modify weight if you feel that you’ll be down to single or doubles in later rounds
BE Complete
1. Crossover symmetry Protocol: 7-10 mins
2. 3-4 mins rolling out hip flexors
3. Stretching complex:
:10 sec cobra stretch
**slide one leg forward
:10 sec lunge elbow to floor
:10 sec lunge elbow to floor
**Repeat x4

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, 083017”

  1. Abraham Gonzalez

    Bounding: 20″x2, 24″x2, 30″x2
    Gymnastics: 7 straight through though rounds 7-10 got difficult to unbroken. My butterflies were off couldn’t get into a rhythm. I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon (weird).
    Conditioning: DNF though completed 4 rounds, OR got through the round 18 GHD and 13 S2OH. The GHD were the limiting factor in this WOD.
    Be Complete: Done

  2. Bounding I did a 30″24″20″24″boxes
    C2b10rds of 6
    Conditioning used 135# came up 1 rep short of finishing

  3. Gymnastics
    EMOM x10
    7 reps C2B kipping
    Stepped down from previous week because right brachioradialis is sore

    30-26-22-18-14 **12 min cap
    GHD sit-ups
    S2OH @115
    DNF – 4 rnds + 4 GHDSU completed
    PR’d – First time I ever puked during a WOD!

    BeComplete – Done

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