Friday, 082517


15 standing shoulder/scap retraction & reset w/pause @squeeze
**pull shoulders & scaps back and down, then hold for sec
30’ft backward bear crawl
30’ft walking on toes
30’ft walking on heels
:10 sec hollow hold/:05 sec release x4 sets
Lateral plank walk: 10 steps **each direction
3 rounds
100m run
8 sit-ups
6 air squats
4 burpee touches
2 wall walks
Mobility +BB work
Banded front rack stretch :40 sec **each
5 BB strict presses w/3 sec pause @top
Banded OH/shoulder distraction :40 sec **each
5 Push presses w/ 2 sec pause @top
2 mins rolling out upper thoracic **if using a double lax ball only 1 min
5 Push jerks
Push jerk: Starting @60% of 1RM **ascending:
Every 1 min: 3 reps x 3 sets
**following last set, rest 2 min
Every 2 mins: 2 reps x 3 sets
**following last set, rest 3 mins
Every 3 mins: 1 rep x 3 sets
3 Rounds **16 min cap
25 GHD sit-ups
400m run
60″ HS walk
8 burpee sand bag over shoulder 150/100
**modify weights as needed
50-59: 18 GHD sit-ups; @80/60; 60′ BKWD bear crawl
60+: 18 GHD sit-ups; bag @80/60; no HS walk/bear crawl **(12/10 cal ski erg for a substitute)
BE Complete
1. Banded hip Flex/ext. :20 hold/:05 sec resist band x2 **each
2. Pigeon stretch :30-:40 sec **each
3. 3-4 mins rolling out hamstrings and lower back
4. 3-4 mins rolling out calves

3 thoughts on “Friday, 082517”

  1. Strength push jerk 3 reps @125,135,145
    1rep@185,195,205 then pr 215
    Conditioning due to inability to handstand walk and no 150#sandbag I did my class wod then did 3×25ghd
    Be complete done

  2. Abraham Gonzalez

    Strength push jerk 3 reps @185,195,205
    1rep@220,225,230 Definitely had more in the tank, the re-racking was the limitation within the time limit. On my last set I should have pushed 245 or 250 then drop it.

    Conditioning: DNF within time cap but continued 20:43. Modified HSW with 60′ backwards bear crawls and 90lb buoy (slippery as hell), my box doesn’t have 150 sand bag. I continued because this WOD my heart rate extremely elevated and I need it.
    Be Complete: Done

  3. Strength
    Built to – push jerk 1 rep @ 135, 145, 155

    3 Rounds **16 min cap
    18 GHD sit-ups
    400m run
    60′ bkwd bear crawl
    8 burpee 90# buoy over shoulder (no sandbags available)
    Challenging to get buoy off the floor and maintain control when you are sweating!

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