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Test Week 2 Continues

A. DL – take up to 1 RM
B. Strict Shoulder press – 1 RM
C. Afap
30 power snatch @ 95/63
700m row
30 power snatch @ 95/63
D. Running:
Session 1:
1. Warm up
1 mile easy with last 800 fast straights
6 x 50 build ups on an easy walk back
2. Main Set 1
300m shuttle run: a 50m segment. On go you run the 50 and touch the line than turn and run back. Repeat this two more times for a total of 300m. The effort is all out. The turn line must be touched with a hand. Repeat 2 more times. Take 5 minutes to recover
3. Main Set 2
1 mile run with straights hard and turns easy

E. 30-45 min of athlete specific recovery work

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