Saturday, 081917


20 alt. walking calve raises
15 toe raises
10 bridges
10 seated legs extensions w/:03 sec pause @ext. (toes flexed)
2 min bike @60%+:30 sec bike @90%
100m run
2 min row @70%+:30 sec row @90%
100m run
3 Rounds
10 air squats **no bouncing @bottom
10 Russian KB swings
30’ft backward bear crawl
**every round increase KB weight
1. Lunge w/elbow to floor :30 sec stretch **each
2. Frog stretch :30 sec stretch/:10 sec release x2 sets
3. Wrist flexor :10 sec stretch/:05 release x2-3 sets **Each
4. Wrist Extensor :10 sec stretch/:05 release x2-3 sets **Each
A. Back squat: 4 sets x5 reps @80% of 1RM
**Goal is to stand up as if it was 90%, using legs to be explosive up
(22 mins)
5 min clock
Free Handstand holds/HS walking
**5 mins total time here, not accumulative. getting comfortable with being on the hands
**For those who lack OH mobility; sub out for 3 sets x 30’ft single arm OH DB/KB walks **each;Rest 1 min between sets. Position should be focused: tight belly rib cage pulled down.
60+: 3 sets x30’ft waiter carries **each; Rest 1 min between sets
3 Rounds **20 min time cap
500m row
25 GHD sit-ups
12 no push burpee box jumps over @30/24
Directly into
800m sand bag run 80/60#
50-59: 20 GHDs; No push burpee box jumps over @24/20”; 600m sandbag 80/60 **modify weight as needed
60+: 15 GHDs; No push burpee box jumps over @20/16”; 400m run sandbag**modify weight as needed
BE Complete
1. 10 min sled drag walking backward **constant movement;sled only
2. 300m Farmer carry @70/53
3. 6-8 mins of lower body focused stretching

3 thoughts on “Saturday, 081917”

  1. Bs 4×5@255
    Gymnastics free stand handstand practice used band on rig
    Conditioning 3rds 500 row 25ghd 12 no push burpee bjo@30″
    Into 800 sandbag run 20 min cap
    21:12 was my time
    Be complete done

  2. Abraham Gonzalez

    Strength 280lb
    Gymnastics practice walking toward wall from 3′
    Conditioning DNF ran 200m into 20:00min cap
    Be complete: Done

  3. Strength
    A. Back squat: 4 sets x5 reps @80% of 1RM – 220#
    Conditioning: Not done
    BeComplete: Not Done
    Farewell WOD – Kim & Kiki

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