Wednesday, 081617


2 min bike :30 hard/:30 easy
10 alt. box step ups @20’’
10 alt. supermans
x2 sets
-Directly into,
4 min bike intervals: Alt. minutes:
1 min @60%/1 min @80%
2 rounds
12 GHD back ext.
10 air squats
8 Double bent over DB rows
Directly into,
2 Rounds
5 box jumps **stepping down
:10 sec KB front rack squat hold **Clean KBs, lower into a squat, hold squat, stand up from squat before unloading KBs
1. Praying stretch :20 sec hold/:05 sec release x3 sets
2. Banded Front rack ;45-60 sec stretch **each
3 Front squat @85% of 1RM clean:
Every 2 mins x6 sets
**Front squats will be off of a rack, not from the floor.
**Looking for these reps to be touch and go, explosive standing up. Do not slam down in bottom of squat to force a bounce up. Use the strength of legs to stand, not bounce.
21-15-9 **12 min cap
Cal bike
DLs @225/153
Ring rows
**Modify weights as needed. DLs can be broken up, but little not rest at all between sets, Sets should never come down to double or triples.
Rest 3 mins
10 min bike
:30 sec hard/:30 sec easy
**looking to establish max calories at the end of 10 mins. The calories accumulating should be coming from the hard effort bike, While the easy effort is recovery for the next interval.
55-59: @185/123
Cal bike
DLs @185/123
Ring rows
Rest 4 mins
10 min bike
:30 hard/:30 easy
BE Complete
1. 3 rounds NFT
:20 sec HS hold
:40 sec wall sit
60’ft KB front rack walk **Athletes choice of weight; should be hard effort to hold
2. 3-4 mins rolling out hamstrings
3. 3-4 mins rolling out lats

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, 081617”

  1. Strength 3fs @85%of 1rm clean
    6 sets @195
    Conditioning pretty slow broke up the deadlifts too much 8:28
    Then 97 Cal ab
    Be complete done used 53#kb’s for front rack walk

  2. Abraham Gonzalez

    Strength: 6 sets @215lb
    Conditioning: 9:32 needed the push from a competitor
    109 Cal Bike
    Be complete: Done used 2-53lb kb’s front rack

  3. Strength
    3 Front squat @155#
    Every 2 mins x 6 sets

    Cal bike
    DLs @225/153
    Ring rows
    9:30 (Broke up DL [10, 6, 5] [5, 5, 5] [9])

    Rest 3 mins
    10 min bike
    :30 sec hard/:30 sec easy
    108 cal (Kept :30 Sec hard above 400 Watts, most of time above 450 Watts)

    BeComplete: Done
    60’ft KB front rack walk with 2 x 1.5 POOD

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