Tuesday, 072517

15 banded scap squeezes
15 shoulder retractions; in push-up position **straight arms throughout
10 DB rows each
10 DB bent over reverse flies w/pause @top **light
AMRAP 10 **@warm-up pace; smooth/quality movement throughout
200m row
10 supermans
10 v-ups
3-5 strict pull-ups w/a 3 sec decent
10 alt KB power cleans
100m run
Upper thoracic opener w/BB & Foam roller- :60-:90 sec
Single arm door way stretch- :30-40 sec each
Weighted Pull-ups: build to a heavy 3 rep w/3 sec decent
**no more than 5 heavy attempts
(16-18 mins)
4-5 Rounds
400m row
18 T2B
13 HPC @135/93
:30 bike **hard sustainable efforts throughout
Rest 4 mins between rounds
**Looking to maintain or beat previous rounds, overall time & cals on bike.
**Goal would be to go unbroken throughout. For those that can handle the higher volume on T2B, fight for those 18 every round. For those who may not be there just yet, make sure to adjust as needed from the start; 15 or 12 T2B. Don’t make adjustment as you get in further rounds. This way you have an accurate gage for all rounds.
BE Complete
1. Tabata L-sit holds
:14/:16 sec x8
2. Crossover Symmetry Protocol

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 072517”

  1. Wtd pullups up to 45#
    Rd1 3:55. 9 cal
    Rd2 3:57 6cal
    T2b fell apart at this point
    Rd3 4:35. 6cal
    Rd4 4:41 7cal
    Everything else done

  2. Eric M. Bluman

    Weighted Pull-ups: build to a heavy 3 rep w/3 sec decent
    10, 20, 30, 40, 50#

    4 Rounds, first round was 4:38, inaccurate splits after that
    400m row
    18 T2B
    13 HPC @115
    :30 bike
    Rest 4 mins between rounds

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