Monday, 071717

Bill M.
Running Clock
4 min Clock
:30 sec walking calve raises
:30 sec walking on heels
:30 sec jumping jacks
:30 butt kicks
:30 sec high knees
:30 lunges
2 mins of shuttle runs:
:40 sec E/:20 sec H **30 foot increments
150m row
12 lateral step up & over box @20’’
9 burpees stepping down & up
6 DLs **starting w/bear BB; every round add weight
1:30 double lax ball in upper thoracic
:15 sec banded shoulder distraction stretch + 5 activation retractions x2 **each side
:30-40 lunge w/elbow to the floor **each side
**Distraction stretch: staying in distraction position, you hold for :15 sec (relaxing arm & shoulder). After:15 secs, arm stays straight & retract arm and shoulder, similar to a scap squeeze.
Running Clock
Warming up to weight percentage.
Clean Grip DLs: x5 every 3 mins x5
**@100% of max clean
**Every 3 mins perform 5 CGDLs, these reps are not touch and go, reset after every rep
**You are DL’ing as if you were going to clean the weight. Body position is of a clean, not a DL.
Every 5 mins
200m run
15 T2B
12 Sandbag thrusters @80/60 (heavy) **up and over head, alt. shoulders
9 bag facing burpees
55+: plate thrusters @45/25, burpees over plate.
**Running Clock, every 5 mins run through a complete round and rest the remainder of the time till the next 5 min mark. Looking for hard efforts through out, holding pace and if possible faster than previous rounds.
**For those who may not have bags @ recommended weight, go as heavy as possible. For those that may not have sandbags, you can use a DB for single arm DB thrusters. Alternate hands after 6 complete reps, not every one.
**DB @50/35
BE Complete
Tabata L-sit holds
:12/:18 sec **build out from last week
1 min Sorenson holds: x4 rest 1:30 between
**add weight for those who can, plate placed on back

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  1. Eric M. Bluman

    Clean Grip DLs: x5 every 3 mins x5

    Every 5 mins, x4
    200m run
    15 T2B
    12 buoy thrusters @70# **up and over head, alt. shoulders
    9 buoy facing burpees
    1st round 3:06
    2&3 rounds 3:45
    4th round 3:26

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