Monday, 071017


What a way to kick off the Cap Masters Programming! We had an amazing training session with a bunch of Masters joining us from all over. The program went live today. Head on over to the home page, click CAP Masters on the menu bar and follow the links.   Check out @cap_masters on Instagram for updates as well.


Strength: **Final week of this strength cycle phase
A. Strict Press – 5RM + 1×5@90%
B. Back SqT – 5RM +1×5@90%
amrap 8 – ladder 1/2 climbing
1 Power Clean 225/153
2 strict HSPU
2 power clean
4 strict hspu
3 power clean
6 hspu
etc. . .
***higher level Gymnastics folks can add slight deficit to this if staying consistent
rest 5 min
amrap 8
10/8 calorie bike
10 alt hang KB Snatch 70/53
100m sand bag Shuttle Run
Gymnastics: (as focus)
EMOM x 10 x 1 legless rope climbs up and down + 1 rope climb;
  1. Barbell Bent Over Row (supinated grip) – 5 x 5 ascending ; build on last weeks
  2. 4 rds; 10-12 tricep plate overhead extensions, max l sit hold, 20 band scap squeezes
  3. Narrow Grip OHS or Single ARM OHS; 10-12 min working position at the bottom
  4. Crossover Symmetry
Strength Development
1. 600-800 easy warm up
2. Drills: 1 of each: high knee. Heel to butt. Skipping. Build up x 3. All barefoot
3. 120’s x 10;  Measure out 120 yards – run fast enough to complete in 20 seconds or less – than run slow back in 40 seconds.  So holding 1 minute for each one – take a full minute rest after reps 4 and 7.  The key here is to not run too slow for the fast segment and too fast for the trip back to the starting line
4. Cool down 600-800 barefoot

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