Monday, 071017

Successful day at the CAP Masters Training


Running Clock:


5 mins of Dynamic movement:

:30 sec stations

Knee pulls to chest

Heel pulls to butt

Alt. calf raises

Alt. lunges

Alt. single leg DLs

Inch worms

In place running high knees

In place running butt kicks

Jumping jacks

Mountain climbers

1 min transition

Directly into,


AMRAP 10 **warm-up pace

200m run

1 Rnd of strict “Cindy”

10 alt. DB snatches **light

5 burpee broad jumps**soft landing, absorb jump



3 Rounds

:40 sec banded front rack stretch **each side:20 sec handstand hold **hands directly under shoulders, below squeezed4 lunges w/elbow to the floor, 3 secs



Front squat: build to heavy 3 rep w/5 sec pause @bottom


Drop set @90%: 1 x3 w/no pause

**Make sure to keep the pauses at a true count. We will be building on this. When performing squats with pauses, note that pause does not start till athlete is below parallel and has stopped physically moving. After pause is completed, explode up from the hole, no bouncing out of the hole.



30 DUs

25 KB swings @53/35#

20 burpees

15/12 cal bike


4-5 min rest between

**Hard/sustainable efforts throughout

**if no bike, 12/10 cal row


**50-59: KB swings @35-44/26#



25 DUs

20 KB swings @35/26#

15 burpees

12/10 cal bike


4-5 min rest between

**Hard/sustainable efforts throughout

**if no bike, 10/8 cal row



  1. Reverse Tabata L-sit holds

:10/:20 sec ** we will be build off this this


  1. Truck drivers: 3 x20
  2. Accumulate 5 minute wall sit


2 thoughts on “Monday, 071017”

  1. Strength
    FS: build to heavy 3 rep w/5 sec pause @bottom

    3 Rounds
    30 DUs
    25 AKB swings @53#
    20 burpees
    15 cal bike
    4 min rest between
    Total time: 21:57
    First round 3:54 (didn’t get times on the rest of rounds due to me messing up the split times on the timer)

    I don’t think I understand the truck drivers despite seeing the YouTube Video I didn’t get much out of them.

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