Wed, 053117

Please help share our IG / FB post regarding the CAP Masters Programming being released soon. 




a. Back SqT – 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps at 77-83% 

500m row 

40 double unders 

30 ub wall balls 

20/16 cal bike 

10 db clean and jerks 50/35’s 

rest 5 min x 3

*out gate at hard aerobic effort , sustainable for 3 rounds 

a. 2k run; rest 3 min (dynamic and stretching), 3k run ; rest 2:30, 2k run rest 2 min , 1k run 

Those not pacing out their running for the year, think a 75% output today, sustainable as we accrue distance. 
becomplete: (options)

a. GHD Situps – 3 x 25; looking for quick sets; rest accordingly between 

b. 12 min of banded hip work – side steps, movement etc 

c. 4 x 15 banded dead bugs 

d. Single arm banded rows – 20 reps each side x 3 sets 

e. Dynamic stretching 10 min MINIMUM

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