Tuesday, 050917

11 Days 




A. Clean; 5.3.1 Wave x 3….athlete specific on weights, but focus is singles and quick throughout. building.
*3 waves completed are HEAVY here.
B. Split Jerk –  3.2.1 Wave; starting at 70% for first triple; ascending accordingly.
*Don’t force anything today! Take what’s there, move on.
afternoon session 1:
A. w 20/14# vest
1200m Run, then,
8 rds  *****
4 strict hspu
8 c2b pull-ups
12 air squats
afternoon session 2: 
B. 21-15-9
DB Snatch 80/55
Ring Dip *make sure to have band or strap above, similar to the standard you will see at Regionals.
**Progressing the DB forward to stations
a. 15 min minimum scap work
b. Normatec or Marc Pro type recovery, 20-30 minutes
Weightlifting / Strength: 
A. Snatch; up to heavy triple from @ the knee, or off blocks at knee height. + 2 x 3 @ 90%
B. Snatch Grip Deadlift – 5RM (keep snatch positions as the goal and proper pulls angles) + 2 x 5 @90%
C. Bent over BB Row – 5RM + 1-2 x 5 @90%
D. Weighted Pull-ups 4-5 sets AHAP x 5 reps
***A-D; building on prior week
 w 20/14# vest
1200m Run, then…
12 rds
4 strict hspu
8 c2b pull-ups
12 air squats
a.Ring Support Holds ; build on prior week with 2-3 x more interval s
b. Reverse Hyper 3 x 30 reps at 20-25% of your 1RM Back SqT
c. Complete 100 Banded Face Pulls + 50 pvc discloses; break up how you choose

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