Tuesday, 050217


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Regionals:  (de Load)
Weightlifting / Strength:
A. Snatch High Pull  – 10 x 2; EMOM ; Speed work and positional drilling
B. Deadlift – 2 x 3 @ within 10% of most recent 5RM
C. Strict Pullups – 7RM for the day
A. Peg Board work – keep intensity low and control the volume
A. Rower EMOM x (x)
minute 1: 20 cal Row
Minute 2: 20 burpees over rower
B. AFAP @110%
Row 350m
25 Russian kb swings 70/53
15 no push burpee box jumps (over 2, 20” box lined together for longer travel)
45 double unders
20 cal bike
rest 6 min x 2
Gymnastics Endurance: 
250’ HS Walk AFAP
A. 15 min min on Thoracic Work
B. 10 min of OH positioning Drilling
C. L-Sit Hold – accumulate 3 min
Weightlifting / Strength: 
A. Snatch; up to heavy triple from @ the knee, or off blocks at knee height. + 2 x 3 @ 90%
B. Snatch Grip Deadlift – 5RM (keep snatch positions as the goal and proper pulls angles) + 2 x 5 @90%
C. Bent over BB Row – 5RM + 1-2 x 5 @90%
D. Weighted Pull-ups 4-5 sets AHAP x 5 reps
A. Speed Work
Triple bounding into,  burpee 10m sprint ; once at reasonable height, perform 8 sets of explosive work
B. 5k Row


A.  5 x 10 C2b AFAP
B. Russian Dip Transitions (only)  5 x 5-7 (use pbars if you have them, if not set up boxes
C. Ring Support Holds. Reverse Tabata as a start, progress if you have been with us and extending the hold seconds etc. Progressing to normal Tabata of :20/:10 at a later date
D. Strict T2b – 5 sets of 7-10 reps
A. Reverse Hyper 3 x 30 reps at 20-25% of your 1RM Back SqT
B. Complete 100 Banded Face Pulls
C. SA  OH SqT positional work – 10 min



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