Monday, 031317

Pre 17.2 hugs

A. Snatch – 3 positional to heavy single + 3×3 from athletes weakest position – speed work for drop sets 

B. Bottom up FS – 5RM

Am piece 

A. Emom x 18

Odd: 25 double unders + 12 hspu 

Even: :45 hard but sustainable effort – bike 
Pm piece 



Deadlifts. 185/113-123

Strict hspu 5/3″ defecite 

Hang power Clean

Muscle ups 

Shoulder to overhead
Assistance Work:

A. (-2) strict t2b into 5-10 kipping x 3-4 sets 

B. 20 alt tgu ascending 

C. L-sit hold. Accumulate 2:30 in longest sets possible 

D. Crossover symmetry 

One Session

A. Weightlifting – above

B. (b) from conditioning piece (above) 

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