Tuesday, 030717

One and done. Week 2 in the books ????????

A. Hang sqt Snatch Ladder : afap 

10 hang sqt snatch’s 155/113

8 @ 185/133

6 at 205/143

4 at 225/153

2 at 245/163

B. Jerk Drive 5×5 at your 1RM Front SqT Weight

A. Weighted Pullup : every 2 min x 10 min x 3 weighted strict – heavy! ChooSe ascending or across 


A. Repeats 

1 min bike 

1 min cleans and jerks 95/63

1 min burpees over bar 

Rest 6 min x 3 sets

***make this hurt right from the start. Go go go right from the start 

***long lasting effect from this workout 

1k x 3 @85-90% sustainable effort. *if have been Rowling as aerobic add on; build pace odd your past repeats (2 weeks ago)

Then into,

500m x 3 @ – 5 second off pace of above ; rest 1:45-2 min 

Gymnastics: (aerobic piece)

500m ski erg

5 legless rope climbs 

400m ski erg

4 legless

And so on, down to 

100m ski erg

1 legless Rope climb 

Opens Athletes: 

A. Snatch Ladder 

B. Weighted pull-ups 

C. Repeats from above 

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