Wed, 122217

Join us at Friday Night Lights each week at CrossFit Free. Everyone’s welcome! 

De load – into 17.1 


A. Hang SqT snatch -60% x 2 reps x emom x 7-8 min

B. Push Jerk – heavy single – with controlled feet and positioning ; force nothing 

C. Choose 1. Work rythym

And open standards 

3 x 15 tng ub hspu

4 x10 tng ub hspu

7 x 5 tng ub hspu 

Rest / recover between 

D.  Hard Effort sustainable throughout 

50 cal bike 

40 cal row 

30 burpee db up and over box 50’s / 35’s 

40 cal row 

50 cal bike 

Rest 3 min

15 man makers

Into 7-10 min of dynamic work

E. Bike recovery work 

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