Tuesday, 021417


A. Bent over Bb row – 5rm for the day

B. Deadlift – progression 

Heavy single from 2″ blocks 

A. Emom x 10

10/8 cal bike + 10 heavy Russian swings 

*note 8/8 is a good scale to this and do able for most. 10/10 will be for the upper level folks 
Rest recover of different session today 
B. 10 deadlifts + 1:45 bike hard effort x 3 rds; rest 6

Emom x (x)

Start with 1 strict pull-ups 2 butterfly 3 bar muscle ups 

Next min 2/3/4. Next 3/4/5. Next 4/5/6 and so on til failure 
Assistance :

30 tgu alt arms (light and focused)

1 thought on “Tuesday, 021417”

  1. A. Barbell Row- 225×5, 245 for 3
    B. Deadlift- 440, accidentally did a 2 inch deficit instead which I’m pretty sure is wrong but either way it’s a PR from any sort of deficit
    C. Emom- Done
    D. 315# for all my deadlifts, 37/30/28 cal on bike
    E. Pull-up EMOM- got to the round of 7/8/9 and completed 7/8/3 muscle ups

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