Tuesday, 020717

Throwback Teammate Tuesday 
Weightlifting / Strength

A. Hang Power Snatch – 3RM +2×3@85-90%

B. Weighted pull-ups 5×5 – heavy across 

C. Db / KB – double OH support walks 30-60′ sections x 5-7 total 


A. 500m row x 9; rest 1:15 

*pace looking to match prior or -1 sec split from prior
Training Options / Add on:

A. L-Sit work – spend 5-10 min on build outs and variance with L-Sit holds 

B. Jerk drives 5×5 @1Rm front squat 

C. Crossover symmetry with added banded rear backside work 

1 thought on “Tuesday, 020717”

  1. A.) 3RM Hang Power Snatch – 160#, Snatch did not feel good today
    B.) Weighted Pull-ups- 40#
    C.) DB OH Support w/ 70’s. Added a Handstand walk after too
    D.) Rowing- Consistently kept a 1:39-1:41
    E.) L-Sit work- accumulated 3 minutes

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