Wed, 020117

Jon See takes the PM Victories 

Weightlifting / Strength:

A. Back SqT – 5 singles at 87-93%; athlete specific and for the day..90% being a target #

B. Deadlift – Single from 1” deficit; up to 92.5 of your 1RM DL

C. Ghd back Ext – weighted 3-4 sets of 12-15


A. 45-60 min row – sustainable pace with a hard effort 

Training Options / Accessory Work 

A. L- sit Work / Steict t2b work 

B. 30 min foam rolling session

C. Crossover symmetry and added scAp strengthening 

Running Program: 

400m @95+%…. rest 3:30 , then 6×400 at :12-:15 slower than initial 400m – with 1:30 rest period. *walk in between 400’s

– cool down = 1 mile light 

2 thoughts on “Wed, 020117”

  1. A. Back Squat done at 243# x3 singles. Knee was tender so just did 3.
    B. Deadlift 265#
    C. Back Ext using 15# plate 15×4
    D. Row 20min bike 20min.

  2. Mathew MacDonald

    A. Back Squats all done at 370#
    B. Deadlift single at 435#
    C. Back extensions done with a 15kg plate, 4×15
    D. Rowing- complete
    E. Running conditioning- done

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