Month: February 2017

Wed, 122217

Join us at Friday Night Lights each week at CrossFit Free. Everyone’s welcome!  De load – into 17.1  ALL:  A. Hang SqT snatch -60% x 2 reps x emom x 7-8 min B. Push Jerk – heavy single – with controlled feet and positioning ; force nothing  C. Choose 1. Work rythym And open standards  …

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Monday, 022017

week 1 of CF Open 2017 De-load leading up to week 1.  Following, this will break off into two phases. 1 solely for those looking to attack the open, others planning to continue to the next starry.  Row Repeats (to start the day)  500m x 5; rest 2:30 hard efforts  Weightlifting: A. 3 positional snatch …

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