Monday, 013017

Weightlifting / Strength:

A. Snatch grip dealing with 2 second pause below knee , 2 second pause above knee, deadlift – directly into hang snatch from below the knee with 2 second pause ; build to max for the day. 

B. SqT clean emom x 10 min x 3 tng squat cleans. Ascending – 1st set should begin around 65% and ascending 


A. Running clock 

Ladder – 9 min clock 

1/2,2/4,3/6,4/8,5/10 etc 

Snatch increase by 1 kipping hspu by 2 each round 

Power snatch 155/103

Kipping hspu 

Directly into 6 min to hit snatch 

Directly into 

AMRAP 5 of burpee box jump overs 

Directly into 5 min to establish max snatch 
*view as 4 scored workouts and have a plan of attack in mind. 

Training Options / Accessory Work: 

A. 20 alt light tgu 

B. Crossover symmetry + extra scAp work 

C. 75 pvc disclocates

Endurance (bike)

A. 6:45 on bike at your constant wattage for your best 10 min test, rest 4 min – repeat 2 more x

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