Tuesday, 012417

Weightlifting:A. SqT Clean – (from high blocks – no feet movement cleans today); build to heavy triple for the day. NO MISSES ; smaller jumps – more volume kind of day 

B. OHS – 15 rep max 

A. 8 Hang power clean and jerks directly into, 2 min bike sprint ; rest 4 min x 5 rds 

**Like prior weeks. . this is meant to be a short session, with lasting effects 

500m Ski Erg

5 legless rope climbs 

5 rope climbs 

400m ski erg 

4 legless 

4 rope climbs 

300m Ski erg

3 legless 

3 rope climbs

200m ski erg

2 legless

2 rope climbs 

100m ski erg 

1 legless

1 rope climb 

Assistance Work: 

A. Heavy Yoke Walks; 60’ x 8-10 HEAVY 

B. Sandbag bear hug walks or Stone Bear hug walks. Climbing on prior weeks with goal of 10 minutes, done in 30’ increments. 

C. L-Sit Work, building on prior accumulations (give yourself consistent standards here)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, 012417”

  1. Mathew MacDonald

    Squat Clean triple from Blocks @ 107kg

    OHS 15 Rep Max- 80kg, could’ve done more if I didn’t get 14 1/2 reps on the first attempt.

    HPC/J @ 155 for all sets, , for some reason I just could not breathe during the cycling. Cals were 34/29/28/29/29

  2. Did class because had to leave

    A. Ohs 10rm 145#
    B. Wod done at 115# calories 25/21/21
    C. Smaller version of rope climb wod due to time
    Didnt use a clock just did to get little volume in. My leg rope climb are real good now but legless ????.

  3. Cleans
    Did from hang and worked to 110

    OHS for 15
    100 kg for 14.75 reps

    185 … 36
    185 … 34
    195 … 32
    195 … 32

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