Friday, 012016

Finishing up our Deload week.  Intensity picks back up tomorrow with Saturday’s competition training.  
A. Snatch – heavy single for the day 
B. Clean and jerk – heavy single for the day 
C. Back SqT – heavy single for the day 
D. 500m row x 8 – rest 1:30 between – hard efforts and building off prior weeks 
E. Emom x 10 
5 – 7 burpees + strict hspu work (athlete choose rep scheme)
F. Recovery / weakness work – athlete specific 

3 thoughts on “Friday, 012016”

  1. Mathew MacDonald

    A.) Snatch- 91kg, finally hit 200# again for the first time in months
    B.) Clean/Jerk- 110kg, shoulders were smoked from the past couple of days
    C.) Back Squat- 187kg PR!
    D.). Rowing- Done, kept a 1:40-1:42 pace except for the last one I did a 1:35.
    E.) EMOM- 7 Strict HSPU on the minute with 5 burpees

  2. A. Snatch 139#
    B. C&J 187#
    C. Back Squat 255#
    No PRs but all pretty close to my PR

    D. Emom x10
    5/6, 5/7, 5/7, 5/6, 5/5, 5/3, 5/3, 5/5, 5/3, 5/3

    E. Rows x6 1:30 rest
    Was about 2:00 consistent. Wasn’t my best.

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