Tuesday, 011717

Deload week continues 

A. SqT Clean- 1RM with 2 second pause below knee and 2 second pause in catch position. 

B. Front SqTs – HEAVY chains – bottom ups SqT – just above parallel – 2rm. Targeting approx last weeks 


30 ohs 135/93

10 muscle ups 

20 ohs

10 muscle ups 

10 ohs

10 muscle ups 

Training Options / Accessory 

A. 5 rds 

50 double unders 

5 rope climbs 

B. Crossover summery + 7-10 min of scAp and shoulder recovery 

*note: tomorrow is our prior Open wod redo. If attacking this (clean, du, t2b) – careful with add ons today. 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, 011717”

  1. Mathew MacDonald

    A.) Squat Clean @ 115kg, Hang Power Clean @ 107kg (PR).
    B.) 9:02, last set of muscle ups killed me

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