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Attention: with the new format below, please make sure you understand what to do, when to do it etc.  please understand the workload below is not meant to be fully completed. There are options, there are plans of attack.  If you are an athlete not understanding what he/she needs, please email in and we will help out. Thank you 



A. Snatch – 3 positional – to max , athlete chooses to start high or low 

B. Snatch – floor, to heavy single for the day + 3×3@77-80% of what you hit for max, but 2 and 3rd rep from below knee hang. 


A. Complex: Back Rack Alt Lunge Steps x 10 (5 each leg) directly into 10 back SqTs; climb to max on this for the day 



Rope climb 

50 DU

50′ hs walk 

B. 5×5 clean and jerk. Every 2 min – ascending. Starting at 60% ish 


10 alt kb snatch 70/53

12 goblet alt lunges 

14 box jumps 24/20 *step down

Accessory / Options

A. Weighted Sorensen hold x 2 , 1 min holds 

B. Db sa rows 7-9 reps x 4 sets 

C. Waiters carry 60′ x 3 sets 


A. Asaault Bike progression – 50 cal bike @90% – rest 3 min – 5 min @:40 hard :20 easy – rest 2:30 – 7 min :30 @80 :30 easy 


A. Emom x 14

Odd- :40 hard on ski erg

Even- muscle ups (athletes choose #)

Performance Program:

A. Snatch single + drop sets 

B. Back SqT complex

C. AMRAP 10 

D. Either endurance or gymnastics add on 

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