Wed, 122716

Following 10 min bike test 



A. Ohs at 43X1 – 5×3 – focus is slow controlled movement and positions. Not max weight 

B. Deadlift – climb to heavy single for day in 14 or so min 

C. Seated L-sit strict muscle up work – 8-10 min of work Here /:::options :   A. Singles    B. Doubles – triples. Get your volume in 


A. AMRAP 12 – @80%

12/10 cal bike 

12 alt pistols

12 weighted sit-ups  35/26

12 kipping hspu (slight deficit)
Rest 4 min 

Into 5 x 400run : rest 1:30 between. Hard but aerobic efforts here 
B. Recovery and athlete athlete specific weakness 

 Opens Phase focus:

A. Ohs  or deadlift ; which is more applicable to athlete 


from above

C. Weakness work

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