Monday, 121916

De-load week. Leading into competition phase of the year 

Each day will have 1 session.  Move through it in the prescribed time domains.  Added sessions are ok, keep it movement / technique / weakness focus while resting the mind this week. 

A. Snatch 5 x 2 @80% *15 min to hit these sets. 

B. Back SqT – climb to heavy single in 12 minutes; accruing volume; then, 3×3 drop sets at 80-85%. spend no more than 18-20 min total on Back SqT 

C. Max TnG Kipping HSPU – 1 set 

*TnG, just means no resting on your head 

**have someone there so if you accidentally bump off wall they can just bump you back. if you have no one and you accidentally fall of, don’t even move your hands, kick right up and continue on. This is a test for you, so see where you are

rest 10 min (ish)

50/40 cal row 

40 wall balls 20/14 to 10′

30 power cleans 155/108

20 bar facing burpees 

10 muscle ups 
D. Assistance Work – can be done as 2nd session: 

1. 5 rds NFT 14 alt single leg step ups + 10 weighted GHD Situps + 30’ lunge russian twist + 60’ waiters carry (alt arms at 30’)

2. Light Snatch / Clean and Jerk work; athlete specific, staying light, working positioning and speed. (This add on will be available all week for whomever needs it) 

3. Crossover Symmetry 

1 thought on “Monday, 121916”

  1. A. Snatch done at 121#
    B. 1rm Back Squat 253# tried for 261# but failed ???? Drops done.
    C. Wod 11:52 or 10:52 can’t remember. Just did 85 PCs in Sundays wod so this was a treat ????
    D. Hspu max tng no resting 50. Third time I’ve gotten this number lol.

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