Sat, 121716

Tay with east 341# Dead.  A weakness more!
A. Snatch ; athletes choice of variation today ;

To heavy single 

B. Front SqT – 2rm work 5 real heavy sets max

B2: immediately following your front squat Set. :12 second bike sprint – rest 3 min before back to FS

C. Team wod with your friends of the day 

***heading into Deload week

1 thought on “Sat, 121716”

  1. A. Snatch 145#. Attempted 150 but almost killed myself ???? Some day I’ll get this PR but for now I will take these numbers.

    B. 2RM front squat 198×2, 209×1. My body felt good not sure why numbers were low need to do more I guess. :12 sec sprints inbetween sets.

    C. Team wod with Tasia
    100 cal AB
    100 WB
    100 DU each
    20 rope climbs
    100 ring dips (MU each time)
    300′ hs walk
    We fell behind on ring dips but caught back up on hs walk ????????

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