Wed, 121426

Teammates , Brothers . . . both? 


Pre: warmup pull-ups and dip variations well!

A. Push Press – climb to heavy single. . hit some triples and doubles at reasonable %’s leading up 

B. 1x muscle ups (-2). If for some reason a PR is there take it but don’t expect that today. 

rest 10 min

3 rds 

25 ghd situps

10/7 muscle ups 

C. Recovery Work / Athlete Specific mobility 

A. Kalsu

100 Thrusters 135/93

*every minute perform 5 burpees OTM; then continue on with your Thrusters

B. 10 min row at 50-60% flush

C. Reverse hyper 4 x 25 @20-25% of your 1RM Back SqT 

D. Crossover Symmetry + additional scap and pec work 


A. Push Press – above

B. “Kalsu”

C. Recovery 

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