Monday, 121216

Monday Motivation


Leading into De-load week for Christmas 


A. Back SqT – 5.4.3 cluster; building on last week. . between the 5.4.3 sets, :30 second rest; build to max 

B. :45 second hard effort bike ; rest 3 min x 6; sustainable hard efforts is the goal here. This will get ugly, welcome it 

C. amrap 10 @70-80% effort. Just consistent movement 

30’ hs walk 

20 t2b 

10 clean and jerks 135/93 (done as fast singles)

A. Snatch to heavy single in 16 minutes

B. hang SqT Snatch3x3 @75-78% of the above 

C. Gymnastics: 100 kipping HSPU for time *the open standard 

D. 4 rds 

15/12 cal bike 

30′ oh walking lunge 115/83

15 russian kb swings 70/53

35 double unders 

30′ oh walking lunge 

rest 3 min btwn rds 

Performance: (one session) 

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