Sat, 112616

Jon – C with an easy 308lb Snatch Balance

​​A. SqT Clean 1.1 cluster, with push jerk after 2nd rep, into SqT Clean + Split Jerk
**after the push jerk; drop and within 10 seconds, perform squat clean and Split jerk. To max for the day 

B. Back SqT – 3 x 3 @80-85% of your 1RM 

C. Belly to Wall Strict HSPU 5 x 5; deficit for those who can. but focus in the positions on these strict and while shoulders are taxed (prior days)


5 muscle ups 

10 burpees *no jump

15 box jumps 24/20 *no open

20 kb swings 53/35

35 double unders 

rest 3:30 x 4

E. recovery / scap work ; athletes choice today but spend time recovering 

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