Friday, 112516

CFF Tday workout

A. emom x 20

Odd: 10-12 c2b pull-ups 

Even: 10-12 kipping deficit hspu (choose height)

Rest 5 min

B. Emom x 10

Odd: bodyweight ring rows x (-2)

Even: single arm db press 5-7 reps each arm 

A. Front rack single leg step ups 6-8 reps x 4/5 sets each leg

B. High hang muscle snatch – 3RM

C. 3rds

800m run

40 cal row

20 thrusters 75/53#
Assistance Work:

A. 3 x 25 tng ghd sit-ups. Rest accordingly 

B. JErk holds 5 x :10-:15. @50% of your jerk 

* pause / hold is in the split

C. 10 min scAp work 

1 thought on “Friday, 112516”

  1. One session

    A. Emomx20 done. Did 10 c2b and 10 hspu each min. 1″ deficit first 1/2 then 2″.

    B. Back squat heavy 5/3/2/1

    C. 3rm high hang snatch 103. Did 115 but failed 2nd rep just was out front not heavy but was doing class and snatching with Deb so didn’t have much time.

    D. Wod 21:55

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