Thursday, 111716


A. 3-500m warmup swim. All strokes 

B. 4-6 min of shoulder specific stretching 

C. 25m x 3 legs only. Rest :45.   After last rest 2:30 then 50m x 3, rest 1:30 between 

Rest few min

D. 25m x 6 – arms only – rest 1 min

E. 4-500m varying strokes cool down 
***thise experiences swimming.  Increase by 2x for distances above.  Same rest. 




:20 easy

X10 min

Into 20 min @50% flush 


ScAp and assistance Work – athlete specific – light, concentrated movements only 

1 thought on “Thursday, 111716”

  1. A. Hang Clean 190# PR

    B. Team wod with Deb
    Amrap 18
    350m row (each)
    50 WB
    35 KB Snatches 35/53
    100m shuttle run w/25# plate (each)
    3+row. Deb did more KB Snatches I did most of wb. Pretty good team 🙂

    C. Swimming done.

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