Monday, 110716

Corrin with 245 Clean. Caught from Sarita’s IG story. 

We are kicking off a deload week this week. (Few facets of the programming)

A. SqT Snatch – 3×5 @ last weeks 10 rm

B. Ohs – to heavy 5 rep for day; continue climbing from A

C. Legless Rope climb : emom x5 Perform 2 legless 5 min emom 

D. 3 rds 

500m row 

25 clean and jerks 95/63

50 double unders 

25 power snatches 

E. assistance Work

1. 240′ ft plate push. *choose appropriate plate for your flooring and movement 

2. 10-15 min of lever / plank progressions

3. 10 min of scrap work 

1 thought on “Monday, 110716”

  1. A. Snatch 106#
    B. Ohs 165×5
    C wod 26:06. I thought I was doing same as class amrap 16 so I’m trying to beat Gerardo ???? I sprinted what I thought was my final minute then realized I had to do another round and then i mentally quit. So 3rd round was a disaster and i was annoyed????. I was at almost 200m starting the 3rd round at 16:00.

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