Wed, 110216

75 years young

A. Hang SqT Clean – up to 90% for 3 singles

B. Strict Press, heavy 5 rep, heavy 3 rep, then 1.1.1 to max or near for the day 

C. “Cindy”

AMRAP 20 of, 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats. ***hold yourself to a standard here with the pushups. Don’t worm these. Allow urself a fair standard, but hold yourself to that. Same with Air Squats on standing all the way up etc 

C. 10 min recovery row @2:30 pace 

D. 20 min or so, foam rolling and recovery. Open the chest up, full the chest, biceps, triceps out. Be proactive for recovery over next few days. 

1 thought on “Wed, 110216”

  1. A. Hang Sqt Clean 172×3 fast singles
    B. Strict Press 110# sadly that is a PR ????
    C. Cindy 25+12 holy push-ups ????

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