Wed, 102616

Lynn – 145# hang power snatch. ????????


A. Wide stance box squat – climb to heavy 5 rep 

A2. 5 cal sprint bike -(directly after the squat set)

B. 20 alt kb Turkish get up

A. 600m run x 5; rest 1:15 between 

B. 6×5 weighted pull-ups 

C. 3×15 weighted back exp

D. 10 min of scap work 

E. recovery 

1 thought on “Wed, 102616”

  1. A. Did WZA qualifier with corrin
    0-3min max burpees ring MU
    3-6min max burpees bar MU
    13/9. Didn’t go crazy felt fine really didn’t want to rip hands wasn’t wearing grips.

    B. Weighted pull-ups 6×5. Up to 18#x5
    C. 400m x6 rested 1:30

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