Monday, 101716

1st place for Chase this past weekend at the Crush Games, in Miami Florida. Dominating performances all weekend with a 200+ point won over 2nd place. 


A. SqT Snatch – 7x 3 @77-80%

B. SqT Clean x 3 + 1 Jerk; build to heavy for the day; zero failed attempts 

C. OHS; 3 x 5@87% of your 5RM

A. Running clock 

EMOM x 4 ; 5 burpees + 5 strict hspu

EMOM x 4 ; 5 burpees + 8 kipping hspu 

**athletes choose height weight accordingly  
rest 10 or so while warming up 

60 heavy wall balls 

40 thrusters 135/93

20 Muscle ups 
C. 10 min cool down row 50%

D. 3 x 15 db bent over weighted rows ; rest 1 min between 

E. 10 min minimum scap work 

1 thought on “Monday, 101716”

  1. Returning from 5 days off after felt like tweeked my back on a clean last week so was being cautious. My back felt good thankfully but 5 days off and eesh it’s hard to come back ????

    Am Session
    A. Snatch 7×3 @82% done at 121#. Good day for me I used to fail this often for just one today did 21????

    B. Cleans 3+Jerk 165#. This is where is started to go south hahahah. Failed 176 ????

    C. Ohs 3×5 stuck to 122# here prob 25# off what I should be doing ooops

    Pm Session
    Wod 17:00. Now this was a long time but had no panic attacks on 60 heavy wall balls so that alone is big win. I’ll take it.

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