Tuesday, 101116

315# PR for Tay



A. Snatch to 1RM for the day. Not forcing anything

B. Clean Pull up to 3RM. heaviest you can while maintaining all positions of your clean

C. Split Jerk – up to 2RM for the day 

D. Push Press – 2RM


A. Emom x 14

Odd: 15/12 cal row

Even: 15 burpees over rower 

Rest 6 min 

B. 500m row x 4 ; rest 2:30 @ average of 1 second lower per split than last week 

C. 7 sets

1 deadlift @83-85% + immediately into seated high jump, bound into broad jump ; rest 2:30-3 min between each set 

*start seated. Set up a pvc in front, high? Parallel to floor. Jump this and when you land over, rebound into broad jump. 

D. Assistance:

1. front rack hold :15 second holds at 100% of ur back squat 

2. 3×12 weighted ghd back ext 

3. 10 min crossover symmetry scrap work 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 101116”

  1. Am Session
    A. Emom done. This was the best I’ve ever done. I did only do 10 burpees on 2 rounds but I’ve never been able to complete the calories so progress.
    B. Row repeats. Held a steady 2:02 for all 4 rows.
    C. Deadlifts and bounding jumps done. Deadlifts done at 220# to a deficit.

    Pm Session (didn’t have lot of time so went fast)
    A. Snatch 138# no misses. Almost 143 but happy to consistently hitting 133 and higher.
    B. Snatch Pulls done at 205#
    C. Split Jerk 176×2
    D. Push press 143×2

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