Wed, 100516

240# in class yesterday for Andrew!



A. Clean & Split Jerk up to 1RM for the day  

B. Front SqT – to 2RM + 1×2@90% 

C. Push Jerk – 2RM 

D. L- Sit – accumulate 2-3 minutes in L-Sit Hold – those who can, from p-bars above plates 


A. EMOM x 10 w/ Vest  

odd; 2 legless rope climbs  

even; 5 Weighted Dips *can add weight between legs also here; focus on the lockout!  

B. 5 rds 

15/12 cal bike 

10 bar facing burpees  

5 SqT clean thrusters (as singles) 155/108

C. Assistance Work

20 tgu alt arms 
1:30-2 min plank (weighted those who can) + 20 reverse hypers at 25% of back squat x 3 sets 

3×10 each direction “around the world” * circling plate around head (YouTube)

Accumulate 3:30 in arms overhead for thoracic static stretch  



1 thought on “Wed, 100516”

  1. A. Clean + Split Jerk 176#, 185 clean but didn’t attempt Jerk
    B. Front Squat 209×2, 220×1. Haven’t hit 220 in a while so ok with this.
    C. Push Jerk 172×2 PR

    Rode bike at 50% for 20 min. Doing WZA tomorrow so took easy today.

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