Tuesday, 100416

Jon See – hits 401# for lifetime PR!

Transition week (s)

Competition :


A. after general dynamic warmup  

500m Row x 4-5; rest 2:45; aerobic efforts 85% ish; sustainable. Note splits for upcoming weeks 

B1. 20 alt single leg weighted (light) step ups (10 each leg) x 4 sets – slow controlled eccentric with explosive “up” 

B2. triple fwd bounding x 2x through. So 6 jump through, 3 forward, turn around, 3 back. x 4 and increasing height  

C. Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + ohs – @65% of your 1 rep snatch x 4-5 sets  

A. Snatch to 1RM for the day. Not forcing anything 

B. Clean Pull up to 3RM. heaviest you can while maintaining all positions of your clean 

C. Split Jerk – up to 2RM for the day  

D. Push Press – 2RM
Performance :

A. Snatch – 1RM

B. Clean Pull – 3RM

C. Push Press – 2RM

D. 500m Row Repeats

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