Tuesday, 092716

It’s Tuesday!


A. Clean 3RM + 2×3@90% 

B. Clean Pull – 3×3 @105% of your max clean    

C. Weighted pull-ups 6 x 6-10 reps ; ascending or across;  



A. 10 min bike @80-85% of your max calories for 10 min – target 

Rest 5 min

B. MAP training 85-90%. Consistent efforts round after round – leave some in the tank 


3 power cleans 205/133

6 box jumps 40/32″

90′ Farmers carry 70/53 each hand 
Rest 4 min 

5 stone to shoulder 95/65 ish

10 stone on shoulder alt lunges 

35 double unders 
Rest 3 minutes 

Accumulate 5 min in bear hug stone hold  

C.2 x 25-30 reps reverse hyper @18-20% of your back squat  
D. 10 min static stretching 

1 thought on “Tuesday, 092716”

  1. Am Session
    A. 176×3, 180×2 caught the 3rd but couldn’t completely stand up but really happy with this.
    B. Pulls done at 209#
    C. Pull-ups 5,10,12.5x6x6

    Pm Session
    A. AB 101 cal. My fastest 10 min is 102 cal I think so going 85% and feeling good gives me hope I can get more lol

    B. 5+9 did all singles on the PC

    C. Not sure how many rounds I finished with 8 lunges (Tasia started DU so whatever she got I was close to that).

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