Sat, 082716

A. Snatch to heavy single in 18 minutes

B. Clean and Jerk to heavy single in 18 minutes

C. Front SqT – bottom up 3RM with 5 second eccentric to lower to rack.  * stand up between each rep and right back down for next 

*** A&B : remember, during this strength cycle, there maxes are relative. Take what’s there. Don’t need to be shooting for 1RM’s weekly. Hit heavy and move on.  If a PR is there, take it, but  be smart. Volume can be as important, along with speed. Intelligent training folks. 

D. EMOM X 18

Minute 1:  8 cal bike + 8 burpees 

Minute 2:  15 wall balls 

Minute 3:  12-15 Ghd Situps + 30′ yoke carry (heavy – but sustainable) 

Rest 6 minutes 

20 min row at 80%

E. 10 min of heavy pulling + Scap work 

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