Sat, 082016

Remember to enjoy your training! Even during your short rests 🙂


A. Snatch to heavy single in 18 minutes

B. Clean and Jerk to heavy single in 18 minutes

C. Front SqT – Heavy double in 15 minutes 

*** A-C : remember, during this strength cycle, there maxes are relative. Take what’s there. Don’t need to be shooting for 1RM’s weekly. Hit heavy and move on.  If a PR is there, take it, but  be smart. Volume can be as important, along with speed. Intelligent training folks. 

D. 6×5 weighted chin-ups. Rest 2 min

E. 5 rds – athletes choose weight but intent is HEAVY and slow. Move a lot of weight here and walk between stations 

50′ Yoke

50′ sled

100m farmers carry (50 down 50 back)

200m bear hug sandbag walk 

Run Add On:

200m sprint 100m walk X 10 …. Into 1-2 mile cool down jog *work that breathing here

3 thoughts on “Sat, 082016”

  1. A. Snatch hit 133 consistsnt. Ok with this since I couldn’t hit this in April at all.

    B. Clean jerk 176. Meh

    C. Chin up 20#x5.

    D. Amrap 20
    100m farmer carry 53# KB
    15 ghd sit ups
    2 rope climbs
    400m row
    12 wb
    4+116 I think finished 1 rope

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