Wed, 081716

Lynn 135 X 3 from hang. Snatch is improving weekly!
Competition :


A. Front SqT – 3RM with 1 second pause each rep + 2×3@90%

B. Reverse hyper 3 sets of 20-30 reps at 30% of your back squat  rest 2 min between 

C. 7 rounds afap

5 strict pull-ups into 7 t2b 9 c2b 

*each round has to be unbroken 
A. Seated barbell strict press up to heavy 5 rep

B. Running 

1k X 5; rest 3:30 min between. Hard aerobic efforts. First time, same as last is goal her me 
Assistance work for day :
1. Single leg split squats. 6-8 reps X 4 sets 

2. 3 x 25 Ghd Situps. TnG style 

3. Tabata ring hold supports 

4. Tabata weighted Situp 


A. Front SqT – 3RM with 2 second pause each rep + 2×3@90

B. Seated barbell strict press – heavy 5

C. Pullups complex – above 

D. 1k run Running program. As many as you can fit. 

1 thought on “Wed, 081716”

  1. A. Front Squat 200×2 failed 3rd. Did drop set off this number. I should have tried 196/198 from last week but thought I did 198 last week and was 194 ha.

    B. Pullups did 3/4/5 for all 7 rounds. Need to work on my pullups.

    C. Reverse hyper done 20 reps x3 @ 35kilo.

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